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Investment Opportunities

We believe that investing is best enjoyed in win/win situations.

We know it is possible to invest in viable, high return property development projects with capped downsides, whilst providing a solution to one of our country’s challenges – the acute housing shortage.

We actively assist members our private investor’s network by giving them the opportunity to invest in curated development projects. That allows you to effectively leverage our expertise, assets and experience, whilst offering multiple exit points with minimal downside.

We make systematic decisions on each project based on detailed up to date information, local professional contacts and in-depth knowledge of every area we build in. Property is a fantastically rewarding asset class, historically delivering returns with relatively low levels of volatility as opposed to alternative investment options.

Our team specialise in delivering high quality and exciting investment opportunities to national and overseas investors. With superb fixed return investments and income/capital growth equity investments, Development Discovery can help you grow a solid real estate investments portfolio.

Investment Types – #1

1) Development Investment

Invest in active projects across the UK, all managed and delivered by our experienced internal developments team.

1.1) Loan Investment

Get a fixed rate of return on your capital over the duration of an
investment cycle on a development that you choose.

Typically ranging from 18 – 24 months, our internal team will also raise
commercial finance or equity finance to complete a project. Interest is
typically delivered at the end of a term or on a yearly basis.

1.2) Equity Investment

For an individual or consortium typically financing an entire project we offer equity-based investments. Allowing you to secure a share of the development and significantly increase your potential returns. Ranging from 18 – 24 months with pre-agreed terms on equity and profit distribution.

Investment Types – #2

2) Property Investment

Invest in high-yielding assets across the UK, that is managed and maintained by our internal asset management team.

2.1) HMO Portfolio Builder

By providing the initial seed capital for the purchase and development of a high yielding asset, our team can deliver a full hands-off portfolio building service.

From acquisition and conversion through to ongoing management, providing regular income to you.

2.2) Invesment Fund


Development Discovery have pioneered a new class of property developers – where we take an active role in project delivery alongside our development partners undergoing real world training experience. Under the careful guidance of our highly experienced in-house development team, we are able to acquire and deliver quality opportunities to our exclusive network of investors.

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