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About Development Discovery

Development Discovery is a boutique developing contractor. We provide design and build services along with developing our own sites in East Anglia, the East Midlands and the South West.


Our area of expertise is medium sized residential new build developments. By staying within our circle of competence we can continue to deliver great projects at competitive prices.

Extensive Network

Our extensive network ensures we have a steady stream of high quality development and investment opportunities, both with or without planning. Combined with our in-house specialists these are all thoroughly vetted and analysed before progressing.

Long Term Focus

Residential property is a great way to create value, but that takes time. By focusing on long term value creation we know we are building a business that will last.

Our Story

Equipped with over a century of combined property, investment and development experience, we are continuing our expansion across the UK. Acquiring and developing quality opportunities in a variety of locations.

Our specialism is new build residential and we focus primarily on medium sized development projects of 10 – 50 units. In all of our combined experience, we believe residential property is an extremely successful asset class and will always be in demand.

Executive Team

Alan Christie

Alan Christie

Involved in property development since the early 1990’s, Alan heads up our internal development team. During his time he has created multiple estates that hundreds of families now call home, ranging from small 12 home rural communities all the way up to developments of 75 homes. Having developed across Scotland and England he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our senior team.

He has been involved in every aspect of the development (and economic) lifecycle, including residential, commercial and industrial developments. With further experience managing construction teams and developments for other people he knows how to get the job done.

Eduardo Prato

Eduardo Prato

Eduardo has a passion for building successful businesses that are efficiently run by a loyal team and a strong customer base. Eduardo started his business ventures in the UK in 2004 with a property business and before that was a Navy helicopter pilot instructor and examiner.

Initially enrolled in the Venezuelan military, for the past 17 years he has worked in the Oil and gas industry in the North Sea. Where combining discipline and standard operating procedures in a high-stress environment is the only way to complete a task successfully. Eduardo now actively applies that same mentality and skill set to Development Discovery as it expands.

Pauline Heron

Pauline Heron

With a strong entrepreneurial and creative streak, Pauline has run a number of businesses alongside a 25-year military career. In the early 1990’s she began actively investing in property, primarily focusing on single lets and title splits. As her portfolio grew and after her husband left the military they established a letting agency that has since expanded to multiple locations across the Midlands.

Working in a number of different sectors as a business psychologist after leaving the military, Pauline has been instrumental in growing stable and successful businesses across the country. She is now dedicating that experience to growing Development Discovery.

Aidan Heron

Aidan Heron

Aidan was brought up in the property industry, with his parents investing since before he was born. After graduating from Loughborough in Physics he set up a property business and focused on high yielding assets.

Aidan transitioned away from a full time PhD in Quantum Technologies to focus on expanding Development Discovery and it’s sister companies, spending his time focused on the technical or ‘geeky’ aspects of the business.

Charles Zhao

Charles Zhao

After graduating with a 1st class honours in Economics from the  University of Cambridge, Charles has specialised in risk and finance by assisting top tier UK banks (including HSBC, Barclays and Lloyds) in setting up post crisis risk management systems.

Charles is now applying that risk and finance expertise to the field of property development and investment.

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